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Embark is a new kind of business advisory firm, one that focuses on building strong, enduring relationships through knowledge, skill, experience, and hospitality. That’s the recipe to our secret sauce, the ingredients that drive our commitment to absolute excellence. And that commitment saturates everything we do, from building a unique, satisfying work culture for our people to delivering genuine value for our clients with unflinching hospitality. We solve complex problems for finance functions with brilliant, amazing people that love what they do. And we’ll move mountains to help them do it because happy people make clients happy. It’s been that way since 2010, when our founder, Paul Allen, had a simple but revolutionary idea – to build a financial advisory firm that’s just as much about people as it is know-how and skill. So, yes, we know we’re different, that we stick out in an industry allergic to change and disruption. But we wouldn’t have it any other way, and neither would our clients.

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Purpose Statement

We exist to strengthen and elevate Nashville as the Healthcare City.

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