The Untold Stories of American Healthcare 

Revisiting health care’s past will inform a better future. The Untold Stories of American Healthcare is a limited podcast series powered by the Nashville Health Care Council. We feature insightful conversations with industry experts, explore the evolution of health care through time and uncover timely stories of how our health care system came to be. Episodes are released bi-weekly on Tuesdays. Please like and subscribe to never miss an episode.


Episodes & Recaps 

5.  “Challenging Healthcare Inequity” featuring Dr. Quincy Byrdsong. Dr. Byrdsong shares three key strategies healthcare professionals can use to address racial and gender inequity.

4. “Where the Money Flows” featuring Kathleen Schaum and Dr. Kosali Simon. Have you wondered how we arrived at the current payment model we use? This is the episode for you. Listen as Kathleen Schaum and Dr. Simon dive into the history of healthcare payment models. 

3. “Many Healthcare Models in Many Ways” featuring Nicole Cottrill and Michael Burcham. Listen as Cottrill and Burcham examine the ways healthcare business models have evolved throughout history.  

2. “Unwrapped: The American People and Government Funded Care” featuring Dr. Melinda Buntin and Nancy-Ann DeParle. Travel back and discover more about the century-long attempts at expanding healthcare in America, learn about how these attempts have led to the care that Americans receive today, and hear predictions about the future of the American healthcare system.

1. “The Pandemic Economy” featuring Dr. Naomi Rogers and Nick J. Diamond. Travel back to the outbreak of the 1918 Influenza pandemic and explore its commonalities with the COVID-19 pandemic. Explore the long-term impacts COVID-19 is likely to have on health care sub-sectors and more.



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