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August 27, 2015

Health Care’s Industrial Revolution

Health Care’s Industrial Revolution

048 croppedOn Tuesday, Leadership Health Care hosted a Fundamental Series panel discussion with some of the nation’s top thought leaders in the Predictive Analytics and Personalized Care space.

Panelists included Edmund Jackson, vice president and chief data scientist, HCA; Damian Mingle, chief data scientist, WPC Healthcare; and Matthew Russell, chief technology officer, Digital Reasoning. The discussion was moderated by Bryan Huddleston, president and CEO, Nashville Technology Council.

We are in the middle of an Industrial Revolution for health care, and Nashville has the data and the talent to be at the center of this revolution, said Huddleston.

The discussion focused on how data has great potential to create a more personal, automated, value-focused and productive system. The panelists also dove into the true meaning of HIT buzz words such as cognitive computing and big data, and gave the audience a clearer picture of how these concepts can lead to disruptive change.

We have big data. Now we need big understanding of that data, said Russell. Context is key. We need to weave the actual practice and system of health care into this analysis.

Mingle explained that there is a story being told with the different types of data – operational, financial and clinical – and that we also need to understand how these interact from a clinical, systematic and payer perspective.

Predictive analytics has the potential to transform countless areas of health care. For example, hospitals themselves are incredibly complex….using data to improve the various operations within a hospital would create a better experience, said Jackson.

The panelists agreed that the health care community in Nashville has the potential to effect true change in the data analytics space.

Be ambitious. Any breakthrough starts with imagination. This is what propels technology further, said Mingle.

This Fundamentals Series discussion is part of ongoing programming for the Council’s Leadership Health Care initiative, offering members insights into key industry-related topics. For more information about Leadership Health Care, visit

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