Engage With Leadership Health Care

Nashville has created the nation’s most attractive community for healthcare organizations and leaders who want to play a part in shaping the American healthcare system.

Leadership Health Care – also known as “LHC” – was formed in 2002 as a program of the Nashville Health Care Council to foster the next generation of healthcare leaders by creating educational and networking opportunities for members. In 2022, LHC celebrated 20 years of members fueling the growth of Nashville’s expansive healthcare industry.

LHC’s mission is to cultivate talented healthcare professionals into the industry leaders of tomorrow. LHC aims to provide young professionals with ongoing opportunities to develop their knowledge of the healthcare industry through educational events and networking opportunities.

LHC has been a pivotal force in shaping my professional and personal journey. It's where emerging leaders in the healthcare industry come together, learn, and build a build a network. Rooted in the vision to strengthen and elevate Nashville as the Healthcare City, LHC doesn't just prepare leaders for industry challenges; it's about cultivating relationships that stand the test of a career.

Drake Jarman

Amedisys, Inc., and LHC Board Chairman, 2022-2023.

LHC has provided me with significant professional and personal opportunity. Whether it is educational development, professional connectivity, or deeper personal relationships, there is something beneficial for everyone pursuing growth in this sector.

Wes Pass

Paytient, and LHC Board Chairman, 2018-2019.

LHC has provided me a venue to meet people within the industry but outside of what I do in healthcare on a day-to-day basis. Being able to learn from them makes me a more valuable employee to my company.

Will Howorth

HCA Healthcare, and LHC Board Chairman, 2016-2017.