Nashville is home to a diverse healthcare cluster with leaders in a number of industry niches that impact the healthcare landscape locally, nationally, and internationally.

  • The Nashville healthcare industry contributes an overall economic benefit of $68 billion and more than 333,000 jobs to the local economy annually.
  • Globally, Nashville’s healthcare industry generates more than $97 billion in revenue and nearly 500,000 jobs.
  • More than 500 healthcare companies have operations in Nashville and work on a multistate, national, or international basis. Nashville is also home to nearly 400 professional service firms (e.g., accounting, architecture, finance, legal) that provide expertise in the healthcare industry.
  • One aspect of Nashville’s healthcare industry, that sets it apart from others across the country, is that 16 publicly traded healthcare companies are headquartered right here in Middle Tennessee. HCA’s 2011 return to Wall Street marked the largest-ever U.S. private equity-backed public offering.


Nashville is a special place with a collaborative spirit that is unparalleled. Healthcare leaders in this city are dedicated to building a strong ecosystem. Our healthcare industry cluster is a model for other parts of the country that are working to build a better economy by strengthening one industry cluster. The companies here have helped build and attract a vibrant pool of talented leaders and entrepreneurs who are constantly innovating, starting new businesses, sharing ideas and enriching the community.

Apryl Childs-Potter

President, Nashville Health Care Council

Relocation and Economic Development

Expanding Operations in Middle Tennessee

The Council motivates businesses to locate or expand operations in Middle Tennessee through our economic development initiative in collaboration with the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce’s Partnership 2030.

The Council and Chamber additionally promote international business opportunities for Nashville’s study missions and have helped promote Nashville as a center of the healthcare industry while serving as educational, networking, and business development opportunities for participants.

To learn more about relocation to Nashville, please contact the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce.

The health care industry means a great deal. You see its influence in almost everything that happens in the city, and it is a growing part of our economy.

The Honorable Karl Dean

Former Mayor of Nashville

Purpose Statement

We exist to strengthen and elevate Nashville as the Healthcare City.

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