Council Fellows Class of 2013

2023 Class Year In Review

2013 Class Poster

Meet the Inaugural Class

Merrick Axel

Bo Bartholomew

Laura Beth Brown

Molly Cate

Chris Cigarran

John Doulis, M.D.

Todd Falk

Adam Feinstein

Stephen Flatt

Darin Gordon

Michael Hill

Grant Jackson

Hans Kestler

James Lakes

Fletcher Lance

Ted Lomicka

Evans Looney

Osei Mevs

Shawn Morris

Frank Moser

Miriam Paramore

Jim Parrott

Clay Phillips

Alan Poenitske

Bill Rutherford

Michael Ryan

William H. Frist, M.D.

Jeff Seraphine

Andrew Smith

Bryanie Swilley

Chris Taylor

Brent Turner

R. Lawrence Van Horn, PH.D., MPH, MBA

Mark Wainner

Paul Wallace

Purpose Statement

We exist to strengthen and elevate Nashville as the Healthcare City.

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