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September 25, 2023

Culture of Caring

Culture of Caring

Nashville Health Care Council Op-Ed by Lucinda M. Baier

Great challenges can also create tremendous opportunities for growth and perspective.  These past couple of years have been some of the most challenging of my career.  We virtually reinvented our business overnight to help keep our residents and associates as safe as possible.  Much of that reinvention further grounded us in our mission of enriching the lives of seniors, and it’s more clear than ever the kind of culture it takes to accomplish this: a culture of caring.

Our culture of caring played a central role in furthering our success and continues to guide us now.  We care deeply about the people who work with us and the people we serve in our communities.  We rally behind those in need because of our passion to help protect and enrich lives.  Nurturing a culture of caring is vital to allow us to best serve our residents and associates. 

We promote Brookdale’s caring culture by modeling the behavior we seek: practicing empathy, gratitude, and seeking connection.  The pandemic helped teach me the power of listening more intently, connecting on a more personal level, and sharing praise whenever it’s warranted.  I have never seen so many people who are willing to sacrifice so much for the benefit of others as I witnessed our Brookdale associates do throughout the pandemic.  Their incredible efforts helped save lives, inspired innovation, and solidified renewed connections among associates, residents, and families. 

A caring culture is contagious, but it takes intentional efforts to maintain it.  Gratitude must be a daily practice.  As our lives and calendars return to pre-pandemic norms we must make an extra effort to carve out quality time to truly connect with each other and listen.  Only then do we demonstrate and nurture a culture of caring and fulfill our purpose.

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The challenges of these last couple of years put our purpose into renewed perspective. I think everyone wants to be part of something larger than themselves.  Our purpose and mission to serve seniors have never been more important and our path forward has never more clear.  It all stems from a strong culture of caring.

Find out about Brookdale’s culture and leadership lessons by reading Heroes Work Here: An Extraordinary Story of Courage, Hope and Resilience from the Front Lines of COVID-19.  Visit to learn more.


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