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February 26, 2024

Four Leadership Insights to Propel Your Career Featuring Mike Uchrin, CEO & Co-Founder, Monogram Health 

Four Leadership Insights to Propel Your Career Featuring Mike Uchrin, CEO & Co-Founder, Monogram Health 

 Leadership Health Care Executive Briefing 

Leadership Health Care (LHC), a program of the Nashville Health Care Council, hosted an Executive Briefing series on February 22 at Monogram Health, a leading national multi-specialty risk provider of evidence-based care. This insightful discussion featured Mike Uchrin,  the CEO and Co-Founder of Monogram Health and 2016 Nashville Health Care Council Fellows alumnus. LHC members heard valuable insights from Uchrin’s journey as a leader in the healthcare industry and Monogram’s innovative approach to providing in-home care for patients with polychronic conditions.  

Nashville is known for its collaborative business culture where a cup of coffee can spark monumental opportunities. “There’s a way that Nashville does business. Anyone and everyone will take a meeting. Competitors connect in the same room, break bread, shake hands, and wish each other the best. Let’s try to keep that [camaraderie],” said Uchrin.  Through a connection made via the Nashville Health Care Council Fellows network, Uchrin seized the opportunity for a brief coffee meeting with Senator First, which remarkably evolved into a two-hour strategic session, ultimately catalyzing the inception of Monogram Health, his visionary venture. 

Here are four key insights from the discussion:  

  1. Experience Over Titles: One of the recurring themes emphasized by Uchrin was the importance of experience over titles. He told LHC members to look for a position where they could garner the most experience and that will propel their career. To truly excel and discover what optimizes career trajectory, focus on gaining valuable experience.  “Experience matters, experience makes a difference,” said Uchrin. Drawing from his personal journey, Uchrin stressed that individuals should prioritize positions that offer opportunities for substantial learning and growth, rather than solely chasing prestigious titles. This mindset not only fosters personal development but also launches one’s career forward. 
  1. Embracing Challenges for Growth: In his briefing, Uchrin candidly shared the invaluable lessons learned from facing adversity. He emphasized that challenging experiences, though daunting at the time, serve as catalysts for growth and maturity. “Perspective, experience, all that comes with navigating uncertainty,” said Uchrin. By reframing setbacks as opportunities for learning and development, individuals can gain valuable perspective, enabling them to navigate future uncertainties with resilience and confidence. Embracing challenges, rather than shying away from them, is integral to personal and professional advancement.  
  1. Be Relentless on Vision: Uchrin underscored the significance of setting meaningful strategic objectives, ensuring alignment across the organization, and fostering a culture of accountability and innovation. “You’ve got to reach, but you’ve got to make sure that you spend the time to make sure your strategic objectives are extremely well thought out and structured,” said Uchrin. He emphasized the role of strategic leadership in guiding organizational growth and fostering a culture of excellence. Through relentless pursuit of strategic objectives, structured planning, and effective delegation, leaders can steer their companies towards success.  
  1. Enacting Meaningful Change in Healthcare: “Be a student and learn the characteristics of the patient population you are serving or you want to serve,” said Uchrin. Monogram’s uniqueness is that it built a clinical care model and then integrated economics around that model. This has attained clinical excellence accolades for Monogram (NCQA accreditation). By focusing on evidence-based care pathways and processes, Monogram Health was recognized for its Complex Case Management Program, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing clinical models over financial considerations. Uchrin’s emphasis on building a sustainable clinical-first approach highlighted the need for innovative strategies to address evolving healthcare challenges.  

Leadership Health Care (LHC) is a program for leaders dedicated to growing their expertise and developing the right skills to take their career to the next level. The LHC Executive Briefing series offers LHC members the opportunity to hear from experienced local executives who share their expertise on the soft skills needed to be a leader and influencer.  

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