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January 29, 2024

LHC Board Spotlight: Drake Jarman –Past LHC Board Chairman, SVP of Growth, Hospice, Amedisys

LHC Board Spotlight: Drake Jarman –Past LHC Board Chairman, SVP of Growth, Hospice, Amedisys

Drake Jarman is committed to empowering healthcare organizations to provide high-quality, accessible care. He’s used that passion to drive growth at healthcare, technology and service companies including Amedisys, Contessa, Stratasan and Wellness Environments. 

As the Senior Vice President of Growth for Amedisys Hospice, Drake leads business development teams, sales operations, and overall growth strategy for the leading national provider of hospice care.

Tell us about a professional success story that you’re proud of.
Being appointed as the Chairman of Leadership Health Care by my peers stands out as a pinnacle achievement in my professional journey. This role has not only left an indelible mark on my personal and career trajectory but has also significantly enriched my life. Growing up in Nashville, LHC served as a catalyst, extending my network far beyond my local roots and fostering enduring friendships. These connections have been instrumental in propelling my career, presenting opportunities that I wouldn’t have encountered otherwise, and contributing to substantial personal development.

The educational programs offered by LHC have broadened my perspectives, shaping me into a more well-rounded and capable leader. Leading this organization is not just a position it’s a profound opportunity to give back to a community that has been a source of immense support and growth for me. I take great pride in being chosen to lead, contributing to something that has been instrumental in my own journey of success and personal development.

What inspired you to choose your current career path?
My family’s experience with hospice has been a poignant chapter in my life. Despite a career focused on supporting health systems, introducing innovative services, and enhancing market share and payor mix, it was a personal experience with hospice that truly opened my eyes to the profound nature of end-of-life care and its inherent beauty. This revelation sparked a newfound appreciation for the intricacies of providing comfort and support during life’s final moments.

For individuals like me who are deeply committed to end-of-life care, it transcends a profession it becomes a calling. The fervent desire to deliver the highest quality care to our patients serves as a constant source of inspiration in my daily endeavors. This personal connection has not only reshaped my professional perspective but has also instilled a deep sense of purpose in ensuring that each patient receives compassionate and exemplary care during their journey towards life’s closure.

What has surprised you most about working in the healthcare industry?
I began my career as a political operative which meant diving into the whirlwind of 24-hour news cycles—where change was constant and instant. Transitioning to healthcare, I found a similar backdrop of perpetual change, but with a more deliberate pace, fitting for the industry’s complexities. The surprise came in the time it takes to bring about meaningful changes.
Unlike the swift shifts in politics, healthcare demands a measured approach to change, emphasizing thoughtful consideration. Yet, the realization that implementing impactful changes takes more time than expected has been eye-opening. In an industry where disruption is always on the horizon, it’s crucial to not just welcome change but also hasten the adoption of innovative practices.

If you could go back in time and give yourself one piece of advice before entering the industry, what would it be?
Join LHC sooner! (Shameless plug)
In reality, I strongly suggest starting your career journey with a healthcare provider. Initially, my roles were within companies that supported health systems, but the shift to the provider side significantly broadened my comprehension of the entities directly responsible for patient care. Having this understanding from the outset would have been invaluable, enabling me to enhance my support for health systems more effectively.

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