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September 14, 2011

Nashville readies for the Affordable Health Care Act (Dru’s Vues, too)

Nashville readies for the Affordable Health Care Act (Dru’s Vues, too)
by Dru Smith Fuller | Sep 14, 2011

Ready or not, the Affordable Care Act is coming soon, bringing with it changes to Medicare and Medicaid among other reforms.  The time for putting the reforms into effect is at hand..

Nashvillian Dr. Bill Frist sees the reforms as particularly advantageous to this city, pointing out, “The Nashville health care community possesses the unique experience, know-how and innovative thinking to help shape the policy discussion in Washington.”

The Nashville Health Care Council, an arm of the Nashville Chamber, today welcomed Dr. Don Berwick who heads the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services which will oversee changes to those programs. He delivered an upbeat message about the health care reform to the Council, saying, “In a relatively short time, we have seen progress through better access to care, improved benefits and lower costs for Americans.”

Council President Caroline Young said, “Today was an invaluable opportunity to hear Dr. Berwick’s insights on ongoing reform and other issues.”

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