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February 14, 2023

Learn About Five Key Trends in Health Care Investment’s New Trend

Learn About Five Key Trends in Health Care Investment’s New Trend

The Pandemic’s Toll on Nurses’ Well-Being

10,000+ nurses tell us—and the news isn’t good.
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In NurseGrid’s second annual “Nurse Well-being Survey,” over 10,000 nurses from across all 50 of the United States shared their views on their well-being, COVID-19, and the toll the pandemic has had on themselves and their colleagues. Among the many survey findings, it is evident that there’s reason for concern.

  • 77% of nurses say they are working more shifts or longer hours than they did in 2020
  • 70% of nurses say that COVID19 cases has increased their feelings of burnout
  • 25% of nurses say they are currently leaving bedside care after this year
  • 69% of nurses say that COVID-19 cases have increased their sense of stress & anxiety
  • 26% of nurses give high ratings to their career fulfillment, which is down from 41% a year ago.

The unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic are clearly having an adverse impact on nurses working on the frontlines delivering patient care. Once the pandemic meaningfully subsides, healthcare facilities that show the most improvement in their nurse engagement and overall support will likely retain more staff and have a better chance of providing desirable staffing levels.

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