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April 17, 2012

Participate in Mayor’s Workplace Challenge & Titans Field Day

Participate in Mayor’s Workplace Challenge & Titans Field Day
by Nashville Health Care Council | Apr 17, 2012

Several opportunities for Nashville residents to engage in health and well-being activities for workplaces and individuals made possible through Mayor Dean’s initiatives.

Participate in First-of-a-Kind Mayor’s Workplace Challenge

Mayor Karl Dean recently announced the Mayor’s Workplace Challenge, a new city initiative to recognize and encourage places of work in three areas that contribute to a high quality of life: being green, healthy and involved in the community. It is the first citywide challenge of its kind in the nation.

“Through the Workplace Challenge, I am asking businesses and organizations throughout Nashville to step up and show just how big an impact they can make on the livability of our city,” Dean said. “This initiative builds on our efforts to promote environmental practices, volunteerism and healthy living in our city by focusing in on our workplaces, which are critical in shaping how we live and the impact we have on our community.”

Businesses and organizations can go to to sign up for the challenge. When there, participants will fill out an online scorecard that includes questions about workplace policies and practices as it relates to being green, healthy and promoting volunteerism.

Contact with questions. Resources are available to companies who need assistance getting started.

Mayor’s Field Day with Tennessee Titans

The first-ever Mayor’s Field Day with the Tennessee Titans is on Saturday, May 5, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. This free event engages participants through fun “competition” with the Titans doing such activities as ball throws, tire rolls, obstacle courses, four square and water relays. It’s all a part of the Mayor’s Fitness Challenge to fight obesity in our city by demonstrating fun, healthy ways to be active. Register as a team or an individual, and show up ready to play! More information is online at

Nashville Featured in HBO Documentary

Nashville’s activities around making the city a healthier place to live and work will be featured in the HBO documentary “The Weight of the Nation,” premiering on May 14 and 15. Learn more here.

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