The Council partners with the Business and Economic Research Center at Middle Tennessee State University to develop a comprehensive impact study of the Nashville health care industry and its economic impact locally, nationally and globally.

Among other notable findings, the report, released in August 15 reveals the following:

-The Nashville health care industry contributes an overall economic benefit of $38.8 billion to the local economy annually.
-The health care industry is Nashville’s largest employer, accounting for 249,345 total jobs in 2014.
-Sixteen publicly traded companies are located in Nashville, providing 500,000 jobs and $73 billion in revenue globally.
-Nearly 400 health care companies have operations in Nashville and work on a multi-state, national or international basis. Additionally, Nashville is home to more than 400 professional service firms that provide expertise in the health care industry, according to Nashville Health Care Council data.

Download the full study here: