Following in the footsteps of HealthTrust, Quorum Health Group spins off from HCA after the parent hospital company goes public.

With CEO James Dalton at the helm, Quorum begins as the hospital management arm of HCA. In 1993, it moves into hospital ownership by purchasing 10 campuses from Macon, Ga.-based Charter Medical Corp.

What starts as a debt-relief spinoff eventually becomes one of Nashville’s largest hospital companies. In 1999, five years after its IPO, Quorum Health will manage 300-plus hospitals and own an additional 20 itself. Some years later, Quorum’s hospitals and management business will be purchased by Triad Hospitals out of Dallas — another HCA spinoff, led by former HCA exec Dan Moen. Triad will eventually be purchased by Community Health Systems.

The management division, Quorum Health Resources (QHR), is still based in Nashville and has a robust management and consulting business with hospital clients across the country. It is one of the largest hospital management companies in the U.S.