The Nashville Health Care Council is formed to protect, strengthen and elevate the city’s status as a national health care capital. With guidance from the Nashville Area Chamber of Commerce, the Council is put under the control of founding director Laura Campbell.

The Council is founded during one of the most prolific, pivotal times of the industry. At the time, the Nashville health care industry is responsible for $3.7 billion in income and provides 53,000 jobs to the area — significant numbers that will grow tenfold over the next two decades.

The group’s first meeting convenes leaders from 27 founding member organizations in a basement at Belmont University. PhyCor CEO Joe Hutts, founding chairman of NHCC’s board, looks around the room and remarks, “This is a really important group. I just get the idea we should do a deal or something.” Though he’s joking, many Council member organizations will do just that in the years ahead.