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September 27, 2011

Wall Street Executives Share Financial Insight with Nashville’s Up-and-Coming Health Care Industry Leaders

Wall Street Executives Share Financial Insight with Nashville’s Up-and-Coming Health Care Industry Leaders
by Nashville Health Care Council | Sep 27, 2011

The Delegation to Wall Street hosted by Leadership Health Care (LHC) included two-days of briefings with top financial executives involved in shaping the nation’s health care finance industry. Delegates heard from investment bankers, analysts, private equity investors and other key players involved in some of the nation’s most significant health care transactions.

“Our group had the opportunity to hear first-hand insights from recognized leaders on Wall Street,” said LHC Director Judith Byrd. “And, despite economic volatility and regulatory changes, confidence remains for Nashville’s adaptable and innovative health care industry.”

Topics discussed included trends in private equity financing, updates on the public markets, the future of for-profit and non-profit partnerships, exit strategies, the dynamics of debt financing and future forecasts for the economy and the health care industry.

LHC hosted more than 70 emerging health care executives on Wall Street for this overview on the state of the nation’s economy, the markets and current health care deal-making climate.

“This event in New York creates a special bridge between Nashville’s emerging health care leaders and key Wall Street influencers who are driving the deals of tomorrow,” said Nashville Health Care Council President Caroline Young. “It is an important way that we work to achieve LHC’s mission to cultivate future industry leaders and also further the message about Nashville’s health care expertise.”

During an invitation-only reception and dinner hosted by the Health Care Council delegates received a strong message from keynote speaker John Seigenthaler, CEO, Seigenthaler Public Relations-New York and former special correspondent, NBC News:

“Your industry needs your voice. I believe politicians need your voice. Your customers and patients need your voice. Investors need your voice. You are the specialists who can prescribe the medication that can cure the ailments that afflict the health care industry. You know the ailments better than anyone, and you know the solutions.

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